Call for Proposals

2nd Festival Genders & Performances

The 2nd Festival Genders & Performances is a place to discuss issues related to gender performances, valuing intersectional debates, as well as the hybridity of contemporary art formats. This hybridity has become even more evident in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, in which the relationship between the performing arts and the digital world has significantly narrowed. With this festival we intend to create a space for the possibilities of artistic creation as a place of thought and action of aesthetic and political resistances and insurrections. A place to challenge established knowledge and its normativities.

We welcome theater, performance, videoart, cinema (fictional and documentary) and other formats that dialogue with performance and audiovisual and fit our Festival. We accept works that have or have not been released/premiered before. The videos may not be longer than 45 minutes and must have subtitles in either English, Spanish or Portuguese.

By submitting, the authors agree to assign the exhibition rights of the works and declare that they have the respective rights of use and exhibition, including the soundtrack, as well as exempting the Festival from any responsibility regarding copyright.

The Festival will be online and asynchronous, without any geographic barriers. The videos will be shown in a copy-protected video platform.

We welcome all types of work, especially the ones that dress the following themes:

  • Artistic creation in times of confinement;
  • Coloniality, anti-colonialism and decoloniality;
  • Leisure and leisure during the pandemic;
  • Politics, revolution and insurrection;
  • Gender activism and policies;
  • Fighting racism;
  • Reflections on the post-humanities;
  • Trans performances;
  • Genders, performances and comedy.