1st Festival Genders & Performances

The Festival Gender and performativities discusses contemporary gender issues from the perspective of different artists and languages. In the program, theater, video dance, cinema and poetry discuss various themes related to the feminists and LGBTT agendas, bringing to the agenda the debate about gender normativity and performativity as reproduction or as resistance. The first edition of the Festival Genders & Performances was held during the 5th International Congress on Cultural Studies, in 2016.


  • C r i A t i v A s
  • Carta para meu pai: com um beijo de Iemanjá
  • Corpo Transitivo
  • Das 9 às 5
  • Eu Não Me Vejo Enquanto Julieta
  • Mulheres de Magritte
  • Opus Lux
  • Pele de Terra
  • Tudo Que Deus Criou
  • Voz Nua